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Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary

    We do "NOT" adopt our horses out.  When they come to us, they have a forever home, living in peace, and freedom from abuse. We are a "Sanctuary". Most of our horses need long term care, from past lives, and are " NOT" adoptable.

During the winter months, we let the horses enjoy their winter coats.  In the spring, each horse gets their spring "make over" which consists of ear trims, mane and tail trims.  All hooves are trimmed at this time as well. 

Our sanctuary is open from May 1st, until October 1st.  We welcome visitors, by appointment only.  With just the two of us caring for the horses, and tending to the chores, we need to schedule a time that is convenient for you, and us, as well.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope you will call (573)-729-8887 or e-mail us @    boundshorses@yahoo.com to make your appointment to meet these amazing horses and see how they are living out their lives in peace. We ask that you make a donation to the care of the animals. Through giving hearts, in the form of donations, we can continue our work here. There are several ways to donate to help out. Please see our "How to help" page. 

 We work with the horse's mind, body and soul. The first thing we do is ask for God's help. Horses are amazing creatures. They always heal. It just takes a little longer for some... than others. 

   Our belief, is all of our rescues can get past their painful issues. We give our horses the opportunity to bond with other horses, to live out their lives with love, respect, and freedom. To form bonds and have a family unit, is one of our many goals. We want each horse to be able to return to nature, and learn to be a horse again, in spite of their past lives. This includes our donkeys, and mules as well. 

Our rescues bless us with their company because they want to, not because they have to. A horse's heart continues to beat and heal from past abuse, neglect, and trauma, if given a loving chance. They are just beautiful, inside & out. We are truly blessed!