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Zeke came in just a baby with Cheyenne, he was around 8 months at the time. Zeke's legs were cut up from running through a fence trying to get to a herd of other horses. He also had a very bad limp. to the point We wondered if maybe he had a broken bone in his ankle. After his vet check, we found out it was a bad stone bruise. he also had a horrible case of parasites.

Zeke has always kept us on our toes! He is into everything, and even got on our front porch one night! Zeke is the horse, that is 
entertaining to a fault! Never a dull moment with this guy!

Today, Zeke's grown up and is a handsome boy. He's doing great now and is quite the curious one. He loves to help you anyway he can, especially if treats are in your pocket.  
Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary