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Momma and her four-day-old filly came to us when they were not wanted anymore.  Momma was beaten on the face and didn't trust a human at all.  Add to that she was trying to protect her baby at the same time.  She was in need of lots of groceries to fill her tummy so she could feed her baby. 

These two received new names and they both fit their names perfectly. Tessa has learned that no one will beat her face anymore and has adjusted to her new home very well.  Little Miss Tillie is the funniest little girl with a huge personality. They shared a pasture area with Sadie and Otis who both enjoyed having a little one to play with again.

Aunt Sadie and Tillie would often get in to trouble together,  Otis would holler for help and both girls would calmly, and willingly, return.  They were nicknamed, Thelma and Louise. Tillie just turned 1 year old! Sept 4th, 2018! 

Tessa and Tillie are now in the other pasture with the herds and are doing well.
Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary
Tessa & Tillie