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Sadie came to us with Otis, and Justis, also  pregnant with her 4th foal.

Sadie was malnourished, and to add to her condition, Justis was still nursing. We were afraid her new foal, wouldn't survive due to her condition. 

Baby Savannah came into this world, a  happy, healthy little filly.

Sadie also got kicked in the head, by another horse, which hit, right under her right eye. It took her sight in that eye. After 2 surgeries to save the actual eyeball, sadly she had to undergo a 3rd surgery, to remove the entire eye. She is now doing wonderful.  Although it was a hard adjustment for her to learn to cope, with just one eye. (Some horses never recover from losing sight.) Sadie always seems to bounce back. She, is a true survivor, and proof that horses can heal, mentally, & physically. 

Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary