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Ranger is one of our newest residents. Bless his heart, he had never been around another horse, so arriving here was a completely new world for him. Ranger had been alone since he was 3 months old, he couldn't be turned loose in the herd. Not knowing herd dynamic might have gotten him seriously injured. Ranger needed to learn the herd behaviors...not pinning back the ears, turning a rear end towards another horse, who Is herd leader, etc. Basically showing disrespect to the higher ranking horses. Ranger didn't know any better, spending 18 years alone.
   He was introduced to a couple of sweet horses who would be good for him to help him learn the way to behave, as well as use the equine language himself. Ranger was slowly introduce to several other horses. Bella became his sweetheart, he was thrilled to have her "in his life". Then he and Mystic bonded. Ranger is a happy boy! His instincts began to kick in, and he was getting a little rough with Bella, her being blind. After a year, it was time to introduce him to herd life. Ranger joined the herd with Mystic, Tessa and Tillie recently. All is going great! Ranger is learning every day....and enjoying having others horses with him. Even though the people, that raised him, love him dearly!
Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary