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These sweet mini donkeys arrived together.  Pixie, the light brown one, and Polly, mostly white, were petrified of humans. They lived with abuse, which included teenage boys running and jumping on their little backs.  Who can blame these two for not trusting humans?  Their little hooves were in need of trimming, and they both needed grooming desperately.

It took some time, lots of patience and love for these girls to realize they were now safe.  They eat together and are pasture divas who love to come to the fence for treats, and face rubs. 

It is often heard that a horseshoe brings good luck.  Take a look at Miss Pixie's side in the photo of the girls sharing their meal.......she has a horseshoe.  Luck definitely came to Pixie, and her best friend when they entered our gates.
Polly & Pixie
          Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary