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Meet Otis. He Came In With Sadie. Otis is blind, & depends on Sadie, to guide, & comfort him. 

He has been with Sadie, going on 15 years now. He fathered
 4 foals with her, before coming to us. We immediately gelded him. (Sadie was in foal, when she, and Otis arrived).

Otis was born with neurological damage. His eyes, and the base of his brain were affected, and didn't form normally. Otis is such a love bug, and all visitors seem to fall in love with this beautiful boy! His mind will always be years behind his age. That's ok with us. Otis spooks easily, and is only ask to do the things he needs to, for his health. He loves treats, and has learned to lead.  With lots of  love, & patients.  He also learned to wear a fly mask, in the summer months, when getting his rewards, for being such a good boy!!! 

 Otis will be your forever friend if you give him lots of treats. He loves to listen to conversations and will tilt his head to hear every word. If something is not right in his pasture, he will "tattle" on whoever is misbehaving. This boy has quite the personality.

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