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    Mystic came to us with impacted teeth. She was in so much pain, she would rub her face on trees, posts, whatever she could to open the impacted areas. Doing this would let the infection drain out, giving her some relief. 

The pressure from the impacted teeth would give Mystic bad headaches. She would stand with her eyes  half closed most of the time due to the pain. We had one of her teeth pulled, that had slipped sideways in her mouth, and set up a horrible infection. This was caused from line breeding. ( breeding the same bloodline.) That practice does cause health issues.

It took over a year and a half for her to get better. Mystic still has chronic infections, and has to be on antibiotics, from time to time. With lots of TLC and special daily care, her face has healed. She does well, but sometimes has an oder, and has to take antibiotics. Mystic is doing is doing well.  
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