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For monetary donations, click on the Donate button/top left corner.
   Choose the amount you are kind enough to donate. Donations are tax deductible.  Please leave your name, and address so we can get your tax  receipt mailed to you. Thank you, and God bless you, for your kindness to the horses. ♥
    If you would prefer to leave a credit with our vet, for the care of the horses, please call: 
Animal Health Center
  (573) 364-7100 
   If you would prefer to help with the feed bill, or supplies, please call: "72 Farm Center" 
       (573) 729-8122 
 (Bounds Horse Haven account)
   Please know that any donation, whether directly to the sanctuary, the vet, or the feed store is deeply appreciated by us, and all the horses in our care. Every little bit helps. You can contact us (573)-729-8887 Or e-mail us at:
 ( 100% of ALL donations go to the horses.)
   There are several ways you can help, We are happy, and so grateful, with whatever way you choose. We appreciate any act of kindness, for the horses. ♥
    Thank you so very much!
               The Bounds'

​Bounds  Horse Haven Sanctuary