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Meet Levi and Louie, our two mini mules.  These boys arrived together. They were both afraid of people, and much older than originally thought.  Their feet were in horrible condition and they wanted nothing to do with being touched in any way!

Louie had issues with coughing and wheezing.  An endoscope   showed his larynx wasn't properly closing, causing his discomfort.  He is now on every other day   medication....which he is not fond of....but will take it with treats in his food.

Levi is about 22 years old and Louie, at 30 years of age, is our oldest resident here at the sanctuary. Louie has no top teeth. He is what we call, smooth mouthed. Both boys are doing well and are quite the entertainers! What a pair...... they now LOVE attention and "want" to be handled and groomed.

They are buddies! Can't hardly take a picture of one, without the other as you can see.

    Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary
Levi & Louie