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Lakia came to us foundered.
Her owner just didn't have the time to give the extra care Lakia needed, due to family illness. 

Lakia loves to roll in the pond, then get out and roll in the dirt! We had a volunteer almost cry one time.  She had groomed Lakia, and had her looking slick and beautiful! Little while later Lakia of course, done her favorite thing, and was a dirty, muddy mess!

It was a very hard decision to give her up. But loving her like they did, choose her needs over their own heart, and brought her to us, to give her the extra care. Lakia's former owners still have contact with us, and  loves this beautiful horse a lot! They also give from their hearts to the care of this horse, and her mother Shayna. Today Lakia is doing great!

Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary