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Bounds Horse Haven Sanctuary
Gabe, what a gentle guy! Even as a stallion! He had such a "willing to please" attitude. We tried to get help/volunteers to come in for Gabe since our hands were so full. As much as we tried, we couldn't find anyone willing to work with a hurt stallion.

Gabe was suffering and needed immediate vet care. He had a swollen sheath that was oozing blood, and infection. He had several barbed wire cuts on his rear end, and back legs. It took four months to get Gabe well "enough," to be gelded. After lots of care, meds,  therapy, and another two months after he was gelded, Gabe could finally live among the herd! 

After 12 years of solitude, Gabe loves to play with the other horses! He has been such a gentle guy. He has not given us one bit of trouble, even when he came in as a wounded, swollen, stallion. It was tough, & painful for him going through his therapy and care. His back legs would even shake. But not one time did he strick out as us. He is such a good boy!

Gabe has such a gentle soul, and is truly loved by his human family, AND the other horses.