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Cheyenne had been taken out and dumped with an 8 month old foal. The foal ended up being her brother, Zeke (see his page), from what we can assume.  She was wild and acted like she had never been touched by a human.  

There was a hole in her neck which had gotten terribly infected.  Cheyenne needed vet care immediately.  We had her for a few days, got her to eating grain to get close to us.  We were able to fool her into taking a sedation gel to get her sleepy enough for our vet to come in and check her.  She was sedated, so the wound could be thoroughly cleaned, and evaluated.  It took a couple of weeks, and daily care, for Cheyenne's wound to completely heal.  

She is doing fine now, and has a small scar where she healed. She loves people, and loves getting her attention. 
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