Meet Arabella, Bella for short. This girl was in very bad condition when she came to us.  Sadly, her herd mate had died the night before we arrived.  Bella was standing over him, grieving, when we got to the pasture.  To add more sadness, we discovered Bella was totally blind.

Bella is such a sweetheart, loves attention and especially treats.  She is one of, if not the most, grateful horses at the sanctuary.

As you can see, Bella has put on weight and is doing quite well.  Since she has been here, we
have found she has a bad case of asthma.  With the help of our vet, Dr. Berger DVM, she is receiving medication daily, to help her breathing.

A big thanks to all our donors for helping Bella.  She may not have arrived here with us if it had not been for your help.  Bella sends a big, "Thank you!" to you all.
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